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Cotswold Counselling would like to thank Cirencester Town Council, Gloucestershire Community Foundation, Gloucestershire County Council's Thriving Communities Fund, Gloucestershire County Council's Building Back Better Fund and The Barnwood Trust for their support. If you would like to donate to Cotswold Counselling, please click on the Donate button at the top of the page.  Thank you.

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If you would like counselling at this time, please do get in touch either by completing the Counselling Request Form or by leaving a message on our 24-hour telephone answering system: 01285 885 830 and our Counsellor Coordinator will be in touch. 

Life presents all of us with challenges: the loss of a relationship through death, divorce or separation; adjustment to new situations; or unexpected life events causing trauma or childhood issues which are unresolved.  At some point we may find our own coping strategies insufficient and need outside help.

'The help that I have received has been fantastic and certainly life-changing for me'

Cotswold Counselling provides the time and space in a confidential setting to work out our problems for ourselves and to find some relief and resolution: to absorb the experience into our life story so that it no longer overwhelms the present.

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