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Cotswold Counselling has a number of counsellors who work with young people aged between 11-18 yrs. Counselling sessions take place in a quiet room at our centre in Cirencester.



Do you feel like you're falling apart?

Do you feel lonely or unhappy?

Are you feeling picked on or got at?

Do you wish you were happier?

Are you feeling angry or destructive?

Do you worry about having an addiction?

Do you think you have eating problems?

Do you ever want to harm yourself?

Do you need someone to listen and take you seriously?

One of our counsellors can:

  • Help you to help yourself

  • Help you to deal with things like bullying

  • Show you how to understand things that are frightening

  • Help you if you are feeling rejected by a friend or someone you love

  • Help you to learn to live with the sadness if you have lost someone who was close to you

  • Help you if you feel bad about yourself or feel unhappy for no obvious reason


Call 01285 885 830 and speak to someone who will help you - if you want to, you can get a parent, guardian or friend to ring for you.

If you leave a message on the answering machine, please make sure you leave a telephone number that can be used to ring you back.

If you don't want anyone to know that you have rung, then say so, and say how and when you can be contacted.  Alternatively e-mail us at and let us know how we can contact you, or fill in the form below. 


Success! Message received.

Here are some alternative suggestions of sources of support:

Our list of private counsellors who work with young people; these are all people we know and have worked with, so a safe place to begin your search for support.


Local organisations providing counselling and or mentoring for young people:


We have a team of counsellors specifically trained to work one to one with primary age children, adolescents and young people who are struggling with their life experience.  We provide a supportive place at times of crisis where they can safely express themselves and be heard and understood. The process of counselling can support the young people in reflection, possible decision making and finding their own resources to cope with the challenges facing them.

Children and young people can be seen for counselling at the Centre in Cirencester. They may refer themselves or be referred by parents, GPs or other agencies concerned with the wellbeing of young people.

For further information contact the Centre on 01285 885 830.


In addition Cotswold Counselling has annual contracts to work in secondary schools in Gloucestershire and in the Royal Agricultural University.


Pupils and students are able to access counselling directly at the school through their teachers or school staff.


School Heads or staff interested in what Cotswold Counselling can offer their pupils should contact Zoë Wolton at the Centre in Cirencester.


For further enquiries please ring Zoë 01285 885 830.

GDPR: Client Information for young people is stored until they reach the age of 25.

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