Request for Counselling

If you would like to receive counselling, please telephone 01285 885 830 (there is a 24 hour answerphone facility) or complete the form below.  We will then arrange a suitable time for our counsellor-coordinator, Sarah, to speak with you and to arrange an appropriate counsellor for your needs.  In the message box please also let us know whether you are happy for us to leave answerphone messages on your landline or mobile.  Please be aware that any calls you receive from Cotswold Counselling will come up as a withheld number.

Due to the high demand for counselling there is an estimated waiting time for adults of between 4-6 months.  However, this varies depending upon your availability.  For children and young people there will also be a waiting time although in most cases this will not be as long as for the adults. 


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GDPR: client information will be stored securely for 6 years and then destroyed unless we are contacted  before this time under your right to be forgotten.